The Aosta Valley

4 peaks over 4000 meters above sea level, 1,200 km of ski slopes, 3,620 km of trails, 100 towers and castles, a Roman city, two spas ... Aosta Valley is all this, and much more

The Aosta Valley is a small region with 3,263 km and 2,100 square meters of altitude average.
But above all, it is a paradise.
The prehistoric peoples already noticed and better yet the Romans, who founded the city of Augusta Praetoria to guard the passes of the Little and Great St. Bernard but that turned it into a small, fully equipped Rome.
It is a paradise for lovers of architecture and art, as each era has left sacred and profane remains of great beauty.
It is a paradise for nature lovers, who find here the first national park in Italy (the National Park of Gran Paradiso) and a regional park (that of Mont-Avic): rich in flora and fauna, rare and protected.
It is a paradise for lovers of the sport: extreme (mountaineering and free ryde) or for everybody. You can walk on over three thousand kilometers of hiking or skiing on 900 km of slopes and 300 km of cross country trails. You can enjoy all other sports (biking, swimming, paragliding, rafting, tennis, golf ...) and enjoy good food. The local food is rich in wines and PDO, many from having to discover.
Here are the Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn and Gran Paradiso. From mundane Courmayeur and Cervinia,replika óra to small villages along the mid-mountain and Dora river, every corner is a surprise!best rc airplanes

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